BlackBelt info3.8  -  UITF Charter info3.8

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Grand Master Hwang in Dominican Republic February 2014
Disciplinary Actions Taken By UITF regarding expulsion of Master Moore of Australia
(December 5, 2013)
Promotions/Appointments at World Championships in London!
Congratulations to the following people:
(4th degree and above)
Ms Jade Hwang was Secretary General of UITF
8th Dan
Master David Karstadt –USA
Master Orlando Vega –USA
Master Don Dalton –Ireland
Master David Brown – Scotland
Master Ian Lawes – Wales
Master Pierpaolo Lecca — Italy

7th Dan
Master Ambrose Murphy – Ireland
Master John Riordan –Ireland
Master Gary Bradshaw — England

6th Dan
Mr. Justin Glanville –South Africa
Mr. Gerd Hummel – South Africa
Mr. Jon Dunn –Ireland
Mrs. Patricia Dalton –Germany/Ireland

5th Dan
Mr. Jon Mackey – Ireland
Mr. Stuart Smith – England


Grand Master Hwang in Scotland & then to Ethiopia

(4th degree and above)
While conducting a testing and promotion in California, Grand Master Hwang tested Mr Keith Tucker of Phoenix, AZ for 6th Dan and Ms Beth Oliver for 5th degree
Grand Master Hwang conducted a testing and promotion in Victoria, British Columbia Mr Albert Labossiere for 4th degree

Grand Master Hwang conducted a testing and promotion in Crestview, Florida for Mr Gregory Bledsoe for 6th degree and Mr Thomas Gordon for 7th degree.

Grand Master Hwang issued two organizational appointments to Mr Harry Hill and Ms Beth Oliver as Deputy Secretary General’s to UITF